Flying Lessons

Many times in life we do not understand how or where the Lord is leading us. In my flying experience in Guatemala, I have observed many parallels and lessons for life.

When I fly, there are several things required before takeoff. Let me take you on a flight as we draw lessons for life. To start, we must look at the weather conditions and decide if it is safe to make the flight. Once we know it is safe, we proceed to make a flight plan. We also need to make a preflight check on the aircraft to ensure safety. Once all this is accomplished we can proceed with the flight.

Now we’re boarding. But before we can taxi, we need to make our request known to the controller. The controller will give clearance to taxi, and to ensure safety, we must listen and carefully follow all instructions. We now have taxied and are waiting for clearance for takeoff.

Many times I find myself trying to push ahead and proceed with my agenda and not observing the “weather conditions” in life.  when I forget to plan so that all goes smoothly, and in the hurry of life, I fail to do the “preflight check” in my life to ensure I am prepared. I am in such a hurry that I forget to wait for instructions from the Controller. Through all this I find myself forcing my way through life.

Now we’re waiting once again. “Cleared for takeoff” are welcome words for every pilot, and we proceed to take off and the flight  plan is activated. We have our directions for a secure and safe flight. During our flight we may encounter many things.

Bad weather and clouds are not a friendly sight for a pilot. A light haze is overtaken by thin fog, and is soon consumed by dense clouds. Now we must completely trust the instruments that we checked before takeoff. Since we are in the clouds we cannot fly by sight, but must completely trust the controller for our safety.

Once we have prepared ourselves and sought the Lord’s will, we have “taxied” in life and then proceeded with takeoff. We are pleasantly on life’s way when we encounter some difficulties. We then need to rest in the confidence that God’s direction was unerring and that the controller will guide us to safety.

We are now nearing our destination, and descending according to the controller’s instructions. We are still in the clouds and cannot see the airport. We are lined up for the runway preparing to land when the controller gives us clear direction to fly off course and to terminate the approach. Our fuel is getting low. We’re confused about the deviation, but we obey.Life is like flying: doing a preflight check before takeoff.

When all seems to be going well in life, maybe some adverse weather blocks the way to the destination. We have already begun to make arrival plans when all of a sudden we receive a message to turn off course. Confused but submissive, we obey the voice of the Controller and follow His directions.

There are many reasons why the controller may ask us to deviate. Perhaps to maintain a safe distance between aircraft, or because of a thunder storm over the airport. Whatever the reason the controller asks us to deviate, he does so knowing our fuel situation and the conditions we are in.

Our life Controller sees our situations and conditions, and knows what we can handle. Sometimes we still receive deviation in our lives. In it all, let us never forget to always trust the Controller and obey immediately, because He sees everything, and knows what is necessary to arrive safely.

~ James Allgyer


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