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November and December 2018

Ordination in La Hierbabuena Nestled in the highland fields of guisquil and other produce, close to the better-known town of San Sur, the church in La…

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September and October 2018

Youth Institute Youth Institute 2018 was held the last week of June in Sumpango, Guatemala. It was a three-day event that started midday Tuesday and…

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July and August 2018

School in El Porvenir Galen Miller and Zac Morgan worked with the Porvenir congregation to resurrect the church school that once functioned there…

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May and June 2018

Beyond the logistics, the administration, and the cash flow, and at the heart of every mission effort are the men and women who give of their lives…

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March and April 2018

Ricardo’s Testimony The following article is a translation of a personal testimony written by Ricardo Barrahona, a young member of the church in Porvenir…

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January and February 2018

School in Tecpán After the scenic two-hour drive through the mountains from Guatemala City to Tecpán, a mountain town with an elevation of about…

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