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May/June 2012

Moving In At Lirio After years of planning and changing of plans, false starts and dedicated efforts, the new chapel in Guatemala City is finished and occupied. In early March, we held our last service in the little chapel inside the mission walls, and on March 11, we...

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March/April 2012

Transition The only changeless member of God’s church is Jesus Himself: the same yesterday, today, and forever. Every congregation and every member is in a constant state of change. People move in and move out. People grow up spiritually, and grow old physically. But...

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January/February 2012

Flying Lessons Many times in life we do not understand how or where the Lord is leading us. In my flying experience in Guatemala, I have observed many parallels and lessons for life. When I fly, there are several things required before takeoff. Let me take you on a...

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November/December 2011

The End of the Journey of Faith Faith is often described as a journey: a winding experience of the unseen, the unknown, and the unexpected. But in the pressure of the present, we often forget that every journey comes to an end. Even the journey of faith arrives at its...

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September/October 2011

WATER Reports Every summer, MAM hosts several WATER students rom SMBI. After a month of serving and observing in different mission stations in Guatemala, this is what the three 2011 WATER students had to say. As the flat-nosed, crammed-full Mitsubishi van tore along...

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July/August 2011

To A Fellow Traveler When you got on my bus in Antigua yesterday, I didn’t know if you were American or European. You chose the seat next to me, and we began a conversation that continued all the way back to Guatemala City. There was a world of difference on that bus...

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