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July and August 2016

History of the Mennonite Church in Oratorio Oratorio is located on the road to El Salvador, 78 kilometers southeast of Guatemala City, the capital. The need…

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May and June 2016

Daniel Meyer (l) and Jonathan Bear (r) live in Santa Rosita. Zachary Morgan (l) and Galen Miller (r) with Gonzalo Reynosa, whom they were privileged to lead…

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March and April 2016

History… “El Aposento Alto” Church, Los Achiotes It was rainy season when a new couple came to our community and became our neighbors. They dressed…

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January and February 2016

Sunday, November 22, 2015 was a day anticipated by the congregation of Emanuel in San Cristobal. On this day the Cristal family received God’s blessing…

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November and December 2015

This edition reflects the North Americans who work in the fields of Guatemala, but many very dear Guatemalan brothers and sisters also work here, perhaps in…

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September and October 2015

San Sur is a predominately Catholic town with few evangelical Christians who give testimony of life through Jesus Christ. In the late 1980s Jacinto and Ismelda…

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