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January and February 2018

School in Tecpán After the scenic two-hour drive through the mountains from Guatemala City to Tecpán, a mountain town with an elevation of about…

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November and December 2017

Since July of 2014, this newsletter has been featuring each one of the seventeen churches founded under MAM’s work. In this edition, we would like to finish…

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September and October 2017

In the mid 1970s, the Conservative Fellowship church in Chimaltenango began holding Sunday evening services in Puerta Baja, a little village on the outskirts…

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July and August 2017

Four Baptisms God continues to work in the hearts of men and women, and it is a blessing to see people surrender their lives to Him. Recently there have been…

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May and June 2017

Santa Rosita This is a continued report. You can read the previous installment here. There are dangers wherever you live. In the remote outpost of Santa…

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March and April 2017

Commissioning in Porvenir On January 18 a special service was held in the church in Porvenir. Galen Miller was given a two-year commission as pastor…

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